Angels' Share of Rosebank Whisky

This beautiful Limited Edition Angel is filled with an exceedingly rare Lowland Single Malt from the former Rosebank Distillery near Falkirk. 

It’s from the Rare Malts Selection, a collection of scarce, cask strength whiskies from Scotland's finest distilleries, and is a 20-year-old 62.3% Malt distilled in 1981.

Just 25 of the Rosebank Angels have been handmade each with a hallmarked sterling silver rose, a silver halo and white wings. All with authentication certificate.

 They are presented in a white box and filled with 25ml of Rosebank Malt from Limited Edition Bottle No 3144.

 Rosebank Malt has become a real collector’s item these days -  described by whisky enthusiasts as a `lost classic.’

 In the `Pocket Whisky Book’, Charles MacLean describes it as: "Still regarded by many as the classic representative of the species … widely regarded as the most distinguished Lowland Malt.”

 The Rosebank Distillery, which closed in May 1993, was a Lowland distillery which practised triple distillation with one wash still and a pair of spirit stills.

It was founded in 1840 by James Rankine on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal and named for the flowers which grew there.

PLEASE NOTE: The whisky is not for consumption. It is the Angels' Share and completely sealed.
 The Bottle featured in images is not included in your purchase.

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