Friendship Set with 3 Mini Angels' Share Spirit Glasses & Whisky Water Dropper


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If you are looking to gift someone a unique piece of Scottish glassware, but also want to let them have a little taste of whisky, then our Friendship Set is for you.

You can choose between three mini spirits glasses or two mini glasses with a single malt miniature, both options come with a full version of our award-winning Thistle style whisky pipette!

The handcrafted whisky diluting dropper allows finer control releasing one drop of water at a time into your dram. The real barrel oak stave is finished with Scottish Tartan. Why should you add water to your whisky? The experts say that adding one drop opens up the whisky especially if cask strength gives you a more memorable whisky experience.

Alcohol may only be sold to persons 18 years or older. by purchasing this product online you agree to our terms and conditions and confirm you are over 18. Over 18's only

UK & EU SALES ONLY! Please only select DHL courier option if inside The EU (if outside the UK please select the version with no miniature whisky)

* We use real oak whisky barrel staves so there may be slight charring or ring marks in the oak this adds to their rustic appeal.


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