Oak Staves - Made from Original Whisky Barrels


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You can now buy a separate stand for your Glass.

All Made from original oak whisky barrels and handcrafted by master coopers. Each stave is finished with Scots Tartan or Tweed lining.

1. Small Oak Square for Whisky Angel OR Mini Spirits Glass (55x70mm)

2. Med Oak Square for Angels' Share Spirits Glass  (55mm x 70mm)

3. Long Stave for Mini Spirits Glass & Water Dropper with tartan insert (265x50mm)

4. Long Stave for Spirits Glass & Water Dropper with tartan insert (265x65mm)

5. Long Stave for Spirits Glass or Jug with clip (265x65mm)

6. Stave with space for a Tealight & Angel OR Mini Glass (160x50mm)

7. Stave for space for 2 Mini Glasses OR A Mini Glass & Miniature OR Mini Glass & Angel (150x75mm)

8. Friendship Stave with space for 3 Mini Glasses or Angels and a dropper or pen (230x90mm)

All staves have our Angels Share Logo present

These can also be personalised to create a special and bespoke gift for your Angels' Share Glass 

Please ask for variations as we can sometimes accommodate bespoke options

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