Angels' Share Whisky Angel - Tartan Hearts by Alicia MacInnes


At Angels' Share Glass we love to collaborate and our newest range of whisky angels feature a very special Scottish glass artist Alicia McInnes.

Each of our Angels is unique and filled with single malt whisky and now even more so as we adorn them with a handcrafted Tartan Glass Heart. Each heart is made with intricate layers of glass and so forms the tartan effect which we love and keeps our Scottishness in our products..., we think we might even extend it to tartan wings.

Alicia is a fused glass artist makes beautiful glass jewellery in her studio in Glasgow. Alicia did her training at The Barcelona Glass centre. Using The Scottish countryside and scots heritage as her inspiration for her Jewellery, Bowls, Wall Art. 
Creating layers of fused glass into tartan slabs she then carefully cuts out the shapes and fires them in her kiln. true craftswomanship and each one unique.

25ml of Single Malt Whisky OR you can opt for a drinkable version. Every single angel is uniquely designed to hold 25ml Scotch Whisky. Allowing you to refill if you feel the need to empty your Angels' Share. 

A true legend in Scotland's whisky-making history, "The Angels' Share" is a term for the measure of a distilled spirit's volume that is lost to evaporation during the ageing process whilst the whisky is maturing in its cask or barrel. This unique design captures this measure in the sealed glass.

70mm height, packaged beautifully for safe travel