Whisky Water Dropper - Unicorn


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Celebrating St. Andrew’s Day With Our Unicorn Water Dropper

Created to commemorate Scotland’s national animal, the mythological Unicorn embodies purity, so we can think of no better symbolic representation for our water droppers than this proud, legendary creature.

As with all of our award-winning whisky water droppers, the Unicorn dropper is handcrafted and allows for precision control, releasing one drop of water at a time. Lustered with a bronze mane and platinum horn, this piece will add a real sparkle to your home bar and is as beautiful as it is practical.

First used on the Scottish Coat of Arms as far back as the 12th Century, the Unicorn can be seen all over Scotland: at Edinburgh Castle, upon the gateposts at The Palace of Holyrood House, atop the Great Hall within Stirling Castle, and even carved into the buildings at The University of St. Andrews, our patron saint and whose feast day we celebrate this weekend.

This handmade glass dropper or pipette is approximately 200mm length and is presented in a luxurious velvet-lined box.



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