Whisky Valinch with Oak Stave


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Do you have your own Cask?  then this is the tool for you.

A valinch is a tube used to take small amounts of whisky from a barrel, for example for testing. Sometimes known as a "Whisky Thief" This tube is normally made from copper but we have created our own unique valinch from glass and it comes complete with its own stand made from the stave of an oak whisky barrel.

If you have a small barrel at home or own a share in a cask at a distillery, then this is the gift for you. It would also take pride of place on any mantelpiece or whisky shelf.

To operate, simply put the valinch into the barrel, cover the hole at the top and lift it back out. Then release your finger from the top hole with the valinch over a suitable vessel for the liquid to pour into.

The valinch is approx 60cm and the oak stave stand is approx 65cm.

Did you know the word "valinch" comes from the French to Let Down and Drink Up



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