Whisky Tasting Set - Small - Mini Angels' Share Spirits Glass


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It may say small but it is certainly mighty and our best selling set!

Just one little drop of water can make a big difference to the taste of your whisky, and our unique Whisky Diluting Dropper is the perfect tool for adding a wee drop to your dram. Allowing finer control over the water flow, it releases just one drop at a time so you can dilute your whisky just the way you like it.

The water dropper is displayed on the exquisite oak barrel stave, the grains complementing the glass and creating the perfect backdrop to the accompanying Brand new mini Angels' Share Glass. 

The glass dropper or pipette is approximately 200mm in length and comes with your choice of a Thistle, Pot Still or our signature Angel top.

This beautiful set is an ideal gift for the whisky lover.

How to use A Whisky Tasting Set like a connoisseur;

Pour heartily but don't fill your glass, you want a small measure.

Swirl the whisky, so it coats the glass, then breathe deeply with your nose over the top of the glass, try it whilst keeping your mouth open.

 Now sip! move the whisky around in your mouth, almost chewing it.

Take note of the aromas and scents you find through nosing the whisky and then note the flavours you find through tasting it

We use re-fashioned whisky barrel staves for our sets and the grain and colours may vary in the oak. This will also include ring marks and charring.


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