Whisky Flight with Jug


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Uniquely crafted, recycled whisky cask, oak stave with 3 Angels' Share Spirit Glasses, Jug/Pitcher for water, and our award-winning whisky water dropper, each individual glass space finished with tartan. A must for anyone who loves a flight of whiskies. 

Perfect for hosting your own tastings with friends and family or simply for enjoying a personal tasting for one.  Enjoy your favourite three whiskies on your own oak stave.

The stave is 395mm in length and 90mm width

all boxed in a beautiful gift box.

How to use A Whisky Tasting Flight like a connoisseur;
Pour heartily but don't fill your glass, you want a small measure.
Swirl the whisky, so it coats the glass, then breathe deeply with your nose over the top of the glass, try it whilst keeping your mouth open.
Add a drop of water to your glass using our award-winning water dropper.
now sip! move the whisky around in your mouth, almost chewing it.
Take note of the aromas and scents you find through nosing the whisky and then note the flavours you find through tasting it.

A truly wonderful experience!


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