Angels' Share of Littlemill 26 year old - Limited Edition


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Introducing our newest Limited Edition Whisky Angel, our Littlemill Angel will come complete with a unique Lily Blanche Silver Locket, decorated by a single golden feather - which can also be personalised with your own images at an additional cost.

Each Angel is hand-filled with 26-year-old Littlemill Whisky.

What a unique gift the Littlemill Angel would make for someone 

*These are limited to max 2 angels per customer and are not for re-sale.

The Angels' Share Whisky Angel is a truly unique piece of hand blown glass. Every single angel is uniquely designed to hold whisky through a secret process, known only to the highly skilled craftsmen who have created it.

Holding 25ml of Scotch whisky, this remarkable design and craftsmanship allow the spirit to be captured.

Approximately 70mm in height, the angel is beautifully boxed in a luxury box and devil's cut oak stand.

A true legend in Scotland's whisky-making history, "The Angels' Share" is a term for the measure of a distilled spirit's volume that is lost to evaporation whilst the whisky is maturing in its cask or barrel.

 We can only deliver these DHL outside the UK

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