This week we’re launching our lovely limited edition Rosebank Whisky Angel filled with the `Angels’ Share’ of a very rare malt.


 You’ll have to be quick to catch one of these white-winged creations as we’ve only made 25 of them and they’re already set to fly off the shelves.

 There’s a real sense of history about the rare Lowland Single Malt inside the Angels which was made at the former Rosebank Distillery near Falkirk.The Distillery was founded on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal in 1840 but closed 23 years ago.It was a Lowland distillery which practised triple distillation with one wash still and a pair of spirit stills and the whisky was named for the roses which grew on the canal banks.This smooth floral whisky was popular with blenders and very much in demand.

 In fact, the Malt was so well loved that Rosebank's closure, by United Distillers in May 1993, was much mourned by many whisky writers who clamoured for its revival.

However, the site was sold to the British Waterways Board in 2002.A former warehouse is now a restaurant and planning permission is in place for the rest of the site to be converted for commercial use.

 Nowadays, bottles of Rosebank Malt are few and far between and the whisky has become a real collector’s item -  described by enthusiasts as a `lost classic.’

 In the `Pocket Whisky Book’, whisky expert Charles MacLean describes it as: "Still regarded by many as the classic representative of the species … widely regarded as the most distinguished Lowland Malt.”

 The 25ml of whisky which fills our handmade Rosebank Angel is from the Rare Malts Selection and is a 20-year-old 62.3% Malt distilled in 1981. There are only 25 of the Rosebank Whisky Angels, which carry a sterling silver rose, available for sale and each one comes is presented in a White Box.

 What a unique Christmas gift the Angel would make for someone …