At  Angels' Share Glass, as Scottish Manufacturers we asked daily to produce weird and wonderful ideas in Glass.

We were approached by leading Entrepreneur Jamie McGowan to design and manufacture  a bespoke refill station for his Essence of Harris’ shop in Tarbert on the Isle of Harris, Glasgow Princes Square and possibly their inshop in LA.

We were very excited to be asked to play such a big role in this project, as we are also a company who is very involved and conscious about sustainability and making products as eco friendly as possible. Making this install completely from Scottish suppliers was also Jamie's vision.

Director Karen looked at innovative ways to produce a dispenser completely made from glass that would deliver precise measurements yet also have a sense of theatre and experience for Essence of Harris's customers

Angels' Share Glass worked together with Essence of Harris, tweaked the designs where necessary and vigorously tested the vessels to ensure they were exactly to spec. After a lot of challenges, 4 sample runs, and a lot of late night revisions, we have produced a refill station that is unlike everything else on the market. Director karen also involved other designers such as Kate Chesters who produced fabulous resin drip trays for the installation.

Refill Station 

Here is a snippet from the press release, check out Essence of Harris' socials for more!

“This project evolved as both Karen & Jamie realised what was need to deliver the products successfully to the EoH customer with as little problems as possible, but with ease and excitement of helping the planet by re- using their existing bottles. With anything that hasn’t been done before this project pushed both directors out of their comfort zones and our glassmakers went above and beyond to complete the project on time in budget.  what has been finished and installed is nothing short of a work of art. Collaborating with other brands is part of Angels’ Share Glass’s ethos success is always worth celebrating together.”

Essence of Harris refill station

As a Scottish Glass Designer and Manufacturer We pride ourselves in our patience our willingness to meets clients demands and produce high quality Scottish Made glassware.

We have many more bespoke projects to share with you in the coming months but this was worth celebrating especially on World Refill Day.

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