Top Ten Father's Day Gift Ideas

 If you're looking for a luxurious, affordable or personalised gift this Father's Day you've come to the perfect place! Check out our small list of our recommended gift ideas or browse to find something your dad will love!

Glass Hip Flask - Harris Tweed and Whisky Tartan 100ml Hipflask

Our glass is manufactured to resist a fall and the Harris Tweed and Whisky & Water Tartan wraps give added protection. The viewing window in this hugely tactile design allows you to see exactly how much you have left in the flask and the funnel provided helps with topping up.

100ml size fits right in your pocket, sporran, or bag and is the ideal companion for a night on the town or the family wedding. 


Golf Putter Covers -Harris Tweed & Tartan

These gorgeous Harris Tweed and Whisky & Water Tartan Golf Putter Covers are perfect for any golf lover.
Each cover is handstitched and finished to the highest standard. totally luxurious sporting apparel for your clubs
Our Whisky & Water Tartan was created by Angels Share Glass and Prickly Thistle Tartan, Designer.


Harris Tweed Pocket Whisky Water Droppers

This shorter, portable, but just as accurate, pot still dropper comes complete with a genuine Harris Tweed pocket case, created by Mairead Hume.
The glass whisky pipette is 160mm approx. Choose from a range of tweeds.


The Angels' Share Water Jug / Glass Pitcher

Much like the angels themselves, this water jug exudes elegance and grace and is a perfect accompaniment for any spirit.
Our Design is similar to our glass range and allows and encourages you to sit back, relax and savour your drink knowing the Scottishness runs through every design. 


Glass Hip Flask - Leather Wrapped Modern Hipflask

The glass is highly manufactured to resist a fall and the wraps give added protection.
Personalisation options for your loved ones.
100ml size fits right in your pocket, sporran, or bag and is the ideal companion for a night on the town or the family wedding.
240mL size fits right in your backpack and is the ideal companion for a night on the hills.


The Glassblower's Malt - 10 year old single malt scotch whisky

This ten-year-old single malt has been finished in an oloroso sherry octave for nine months giving it an excellent colour and that sherry note you'd expect.  With dark fruit and dates on the nose and toffee and spicy sweetness on the palate. We have only a limited amount of bottles of this exceptional liquid The Glassblower's Malt.

Whisky Flight Round Oak Stave with 4 Spirit Glasses

Uniquely crafted, refashioned whisky cask, oak stave with 4 Angels' Share Spirit glasses and our award-winning whisky water dropper, each individual glass space is finished with tartan.  A must for anyone who loves a flight of whiskies or rums or a mixture for tastings. 


Our drinkable and refillable Angels' Share Whisky Angel is almost exactly the same as our original Angels' Share Whisky Angel, with one difference, it can be opened - no longer the property of the Angels, you can now get your taste buds on her share.

Holding 25ml of Single Malt Scotch Whisky and approximately 70mm in height, the angel is beautifully boxed and comes complete with the legendary story.

Whisky & Water Tartan - Golf Gift Box

We have the ideal gift box for you, perfect for anyone who loves golf or whisky! Maybe even both... Stand out on the Tee and show off this luxury set.
We hope you've managed to gain some inspiration from our Gift Guide! 
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