Dec 25: 1980 Samaroli Blend - 34year Old

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Nose: some delicious festive aromas of presents, fairy lights, carols & turkey.... Oh wait, I'm digressing. Merry Christmas everyone! What best way to finish those 25-days-of-whisky-reviews than with an exquisite blend from Samaroli, bearing an impressive 34 years-old age statement :o. 

As soon as my glass approaches my nose, I can already smell this multi-layered complexity of exotic fruits, ripe melon, banana, apricots, peaches, pastry crust & milk chocolate. Can't get enough!

Palate: the whisky turns out surprisingly fresh on the palate with dark chocolate chips, ginger bread, chantily cream, coffee, candied oranges & lime peel. Of course, all the fruity notes I previously picked-up in the nose didn't simply vanished, they are now more subtle and underlying but the fruit salad is still very present and pleasant :)

Finish: lingering and incredibly perfumed with delightful floral hints of rose syrup

Food Pairing: Christmas Pudding!

A very Merry Christmas to you all from Angel's Share Glass.

Scotch Whisky Advent Christmas Day

From December - Anne-Sophie aka The Whisky Lady will open her Advent Calendar from Angel's Share Glass, taste her dram and then publish her tasting notes and thoughts on each of the whiskies on the Angels’ Share Glass blog.

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There are 25 miniatures for Anne-Sophie to taste - each one from independent bottlers and many at cask strength – with an extra special whisky for Christmas Day.