Birthstone Angels - Part IV

These gemstones are not only admired for their beauty but also cherished as personalised talismans, believed to bring luck, protection, and positive energies to those born in their corresponding months.

Have you ever wondered which birthstone belongs to you and what the symbolism behind it is?

October- Opal: A gemstone that captivates with its mesmerising play of colours. Opals are known for their iridescent beauty, reflecting a myriad of hues that seem to dance and shift with every movement. This gem is associated with qualities of creativity, inspiration, and emotional healing. It is believed to amplify one's emotions and intensify feelings, making it a stone of passion and love. Opals have been revered by various cultures as symbols of hope, purity, and luck.
November- Topaz: A gem that exudes warmth and brilliance. Available in various colours, the most traditional being a warm golden-yellow, the topaz is associated with qualities of strength, abundance, and protection. Throughout history, this gem was believed to possess healing properties, particularly benefiting the mind and body. It was used as a talisman for courage, dispelling fears and promoting confidence. The golden hues of the topaz symbolize the energy of the sun, bringing light and positivity to the lives of its wearers. 
December: Turquoise: A gemstone that has captured hearts for centuries with its captivating blue-green hues. Turquoise is associated with qualities of protection, wisdom, and friendship. In many ancient cultures, this gem was regarded as a talisman against harm and evil, believed to safeguard its wearer from negative energies. The colour of turquoise is often associated with the elements of water and sky, symbolizing purity and serenity.