This weekend celebrates Chinese New year or the Lunar New Year a huge celebration in the far east. Leading to holiday celebrations over a week.

2021 is the year of the Ox. The ox is the second of the zodiac animals.

Within each animal of the Chinese zodiac they are unique characteristics, many people put their trust in these lucky numbers and items. 

The Information for the Chinese Zodiac Ox

According to legend, the Jade Emperor had said that the order of the zodiac animals would be determined in which the order that they arrived to his party. The ox was on time to be the first however, the rat tricked the ox to give him a ride to the party. Once they arrived the rat jumped down off the and landed in front of him, meaning the rat is the first animal and ox the second.

We know it may not be an ox but a Highland Cow might be the closest we can get here in Scotland. This picture was snapped by one of our team on a walk last week, Everyone loves a Heelan Coo. - send us your pics of some cheeky coos in this wintery weather.

The Chinese love to celebrate New Year with whisky and many now look for symbols that connect with their favourite whisky and the animal of the year.
We wished we had a glass Highland Cow to fill !!
When it was the year of the pig we launched our gin pigs and they were a huge hit here and overseas.