It's the season of giving and with Black Friday well and truly here, it's a good time to think about where independent small businesses and craftsmen like ourselves, making handmade products, sit in a commercial world dominated by retail giants like Amazon.

We've made a conscious decision not to take part in Black Friday. Why?

Our focus is on quality, artistry and the real skill we put into making all of our products. We're passionate not just about whisky but about everything we create. Inspiration, years of experience in glassblowing and since you can't run a small business without it, heart and soul, mean our ethos is very different to mainstream retail.

Whisky Baubles

We aim for excellent customer service and true quality, not to rival big commercial companies or to fight for a share of Black Friday profit. We choose to spend our time and energy developing our products, designing exciting new collectors' items and interacting with our customers and others in the whisky world in a meaningful way. 

Because our glassware is all individually made by hand, then beautifully packed and dispatched by our small team, it takes a little bit longer to arrive and sometimes customers have to wait for our glassblowers to physically make the products they've ordered. Our customer service is personal and direct.  We think it's worth the wait!  

In addition, instead of buying in to the Black Friday mania, we choose to donate to charities close to our hearts throughout the year, raising over £500 for Poppyscotland and Diabetes UK.

Team at Poppy Scotland

Thanksgiving is traditionally about family, community, warmth, coming together. That's what we're all about as a mainly female, creative family business. This year, instead of fighting your way through crowds or eagerly awaiting the online frenzy, why not eat pumpkin pie, relax and browse beautiful handmade products?

We think our customers are worth more than the kind of wild-eyed consumerism encouraged by Black Friday. Will you be spending your time and energy on what truly matters?