Last week Jim and Nicola of the Whisky Boys invitied our Director, Karen, along to an intimate Glen Moray whisky tasting in the renowned whisky cabin.  The tasting was hosted by our friend Iain Allan of Glen Moray, and during the evening the invited fourteen were introduced to some old favourites but also a few new expessions that will be available later this year. 

Whisky Boys Whisky Cabin

With the cabin at capacity this space felt as though it was made for evenings like this. Perfect for a small gathering of friends to chat, taste and enjoy a few drams - there was nothing formal on the menu.

As Iain guided the guests through the tasting, he showcased the ever popular Glen Moray 18yo, several single cask bottlings from a few different cask maturation including Virgin Oak, 1998 PX, 2010 peated PX and a 1994 sherry, there was also something a little special to finish on that we are not aloud to talk about here...

Glen Moray Whiskies - Whisky Cabin

Whisky truly is sociable to us at ASG and brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, the group was a mixed bag in the cabin that evening but the universal language of whisky was spoken fluently.  Sharing an appreciation and love for our national drink is what spaces like the whisky cabin were made for.  Of course, having a host as passionate and knowlegable as Iain Allan also helps.

Whisky Boys - Whisky Tasting

Everyone was 100% spoiled... and they loved it! 

Did you know... we have in stock Whisky Angels filled with 25ml of Glen Moray Classic.