Bridge of Allan Blended Scotch Whisky

Could this make the best whisky gift?

After discovering Bridge of Allan had a blended whisky back in the 1970's we decided to try and revive it.

In June of this year, we purchased 5 Bridge of Allan printed whisky highball glasses from an auction house in France in the hope of finding out where the whisky was bottled.


The bottler no longer exists and this started our minds working on producing a Blended Whisky, especially for Bridge of Allan. A town where Director Karen has lived all her life and where Tom Young MBE our master glassblower also honed his glassblowing craft.

This beautiful light and somewhat citrusy dram is blended by our spirits broker to create a superb Scotch whisky emulating the Copper mines, the Victorian Spa town and its incredible architecture.

There is a nod to the Heron that year on year graces the banks of the River Allan and who many locals have fond names for it. 

Bridge of Allan as a village was laid out in the 16th century and the bridge was built to join the link between Stirling and Perth. Sir Robert Abercrombie then developed the town into the 19th century and it became a huge tourist destination. many famous faces used it as a retreat like writer Robert Louis Stevenson and even The Beatles performed in the Town's Museum Hall. It's mineral waters were renowned for attracting the gentry and I'm sure whisky was very much indulged in as part of the healing rituals.

It's beautiful  architecture, wonderful gardens and High Street, still make it an enviable place to live and a wonderful place to visit.

Bottled at 46.2% abv. A Blended malt scotch whisky is formerly called vatted malts, this is a blend of single malts from two or more distilleries. Most blends do not give an age statement, but it can be anything from 5- 20 years.

There is a very limited run of this bottling..


Also Bridge of Allan has a very strong commiunity which support the work that goes on around the town. So £1.00 from every bottle will be donated to our local charitable organisation Friends of Bridge of Allan.