There are an estimated 20 million casks of Scotch whisky maturing here in bonnie Scotland. That works out at approximately three billion litres of our national drink; enough to fill 1,200 Olympic sized swimming pools!

However, in order for Scotch whisky to be legally called Scotch whisky, those casks that the spirit is maturing in must be made of oak. Because these oak casks are semi-porous, around two percent of the contents are lost due to evaporation each year.

Angels Share

Lost to us, maybe, but the angels are always willing to welcome the spirit with wide open wings.

And with so much to go around, should we really begrudge the angels from taking their share?

Through the process of addition and subtraction, the oak casks and angels work well together to impart flavour and colour to the whisky as well as removing any of the harsher elements of the spirit.

Without the angels’ hard work, our Scotch whisky wouldn’t be the drink we know and love. In fact, we have a lot to thank them for!

Thankfully, here at Angels’ Share Glass, we have a great relationship with our angels up above and have convinced some of them to relinquish their share!

Our Whisky Angel is our signature product; it’s how our journey as an award winning, global business started. Each angel is hand crafted here in Scotland, with a dram of whisky captured inside.

People often ask us how we do this. All we can disclose is that this secret method is known only to us and the angels themselves!

Whether you choose the Thistle Angel, the Saltire Angel, the Scottish Clan Angel, or one of our other exclusive designs, each Whisky Angel is unique and would make the perfect gift for the whisky enthusiast in your life.

Previously, our Limited Edition Angels, which have included drams of The Dalmore King Alexander III, Glendronach 15 years and Port Ellen 1983, have proved to be extremely popular as well as highly valued and sought after as collectibles.

We’ve been in discussion with the angels for a wee while now and are happy to say that we’ll be announcing the details of our latest Limited Edition Angel very soon.

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