This Elgin Distillery Glen Moray started as a local brewery back in 1830. According to the ledgers kept in Glen Moray’s archives, the first sprit ran off its stills in 1897. The new-make spirit was made entirely from local barley. They began filling a wide variety of cask for the time, including sherry and marsala wine casks.

1950 saw two new copper stills and a still house added to Glen Moray, and the distillery upgraded from coal to oil. Due to this, Glen Moray was one of the most modern distilleries in Scotland at the time. By 1987, Glen Moray produced around two million litres of spirit each year and had increased their production to seven days a week which was unusual for a distillery at that time.

Angels' Share Glass has had a lovely relationship with this distillery producing products and even candles specifically for their visitor centre in Elgin.

 Glen Moray is continually evolving and producing spectacular whisky each year - we were lucky enough a few years ago to be treated to a tasting with Iain Allan from Glen Moray courtesy of The WhiskyBoys. Iain is their brand ambassador and Visitor Centre Manager and his passion for his hometown distillery echoes through is tastings.

The tasting was even featured in Unfiltered, SMWS' whisky magazine.

A few years ago, we even partnered with Glen Moray to release a Limited Edition Whisky Angel. We have  some still available online. We also supply them with water droppers and candles too for their many visitors annually.