This week the Angels' Share team visited our chosen charity, Poppyscotland, which we support by donating 50% of all sales of our poppy products. We developed our special range of beautiful handmade poppy glassware, which includes bestselling Poppy Angels and Poppy whisky droppers, in recognition of the work of our Armed Forces and to ensure that future generations remember their sacrifices. 

Poppy ScotlandAfter a lively presentation from Arthur & Tom on Poppyscotland's origins with its first patrons Field Marshal Earl and Lady Haig, we were given a fascinating tour of Lady Haig's Poppy Factory. It was incredible to discover that each and every one of the 5 million poppies and 10,000 wreaths produced each year is hand made and distributed by around 40 disabled veterans. They're sent out to every town, city and village in Scotland via Poppyscotland's vast army of 10,000 volunteers, the life blood of the charity.

Meeting the ex-servicemen and women who carry out this phenomenal task each year and learning more about Poppyscotland's work really brought home to us why it's so important that we support this incredible charity.       

  poppy Scotland  poppys

From the regimental badges, flags and impeccably organised work stations, to the beautifully stacked piles of poppy boxes ready for dispatch, the pride the poppy makers take in their work shone out. It was amazing to see how the wreaths and poppies are made and we had fun making some ourselves.

Some of the machines date back 70 years and still work perfectly. It was humbling to watch a veteran who lost the use of his left arm in service, efficiently making poppy after poppy.  All of our own glassware products are also handmade, from our signature Whisky Angels to our newest product, Christmas Whisky Baubles. We've invited the team at Poppyscotland and Lady Haig's Poppy Factory to our studio to see how our glassware is made.

 POppy products  Poppy Angel poppy angels

It is mind blowing to look at a box of poppies on a counter in your local store and to know that each one has been cut and put together by a real person and not some automated machine. We certainly have a renewed appreciation of the work that Poppyscotland does nationally. Talking to management and fundraising staff on the day really brought home to us the life changing difference they make.

Take a look at our stunning poppy glassware range - all purchases will help support this fantastic Scottish charity.