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Glass Painting is Fun....

April 09, 2020

As you may know, many of our products are handmade but many are also hand-decorated. We use a couple of different glass paints mainly Pebeo® and metallic fired on lustres. The lustres we use have real precious metal content like gold, platinum and copper.

A wide variety of our products are painted, whether it's the blue of our Kelpies or our classic Angel wings. Our Thistle drink stirrers come to life once they are decorated each one expertly handled with care.

We take great pride in our products being handcrafted and unique pieces of art, a lot of hard work and skill goes into creating each product. Each of our products are beautifully hand-painted for each order.

Have you ever wondered how they get their colour? We have this video showing how our products get they are decorated.

Have you thought about painting your own glass? You could take a wine glass or drinking tumbler and use some glass paints from Amazon or any hobby craft site. Get an old glass bauble from the Christmas box to re-decorate and hang it in your window. Paint a rainbow on a small part of your window to celebrate all the fantastic work the NHS is doing to keep us safe. 



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