Since our Facebook Live Quiz was such a success we've decided to bring another quiz to our blog!

We decided to make up some new questions so that people who maybe didn't have the time to watch our LIVE quiz can still participate in a quiz of their own.

1. Which London Tube line is Angel Islington On?
A - City Line
B - Jubilee Line
C - Northern Line

2. Where will you find the worlds highest waterfall, The Angel Falls?
A - Argentina
B - Chile
C - Venezuela

3. The Glenfarclas distillery produces a no age statement single malt whisky called 105 Cask Strength. What percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) is it?
A - 60%
B - 55%
C - 65%

4. What distillery name translates to “hill of the juniper” from Gaelic?
A - Glenfarclas
B - Tomatin
C - Tamnavulin

5. What is the main grain in Canadian Whisky?
A - Barley
B - Triticale
C - Rye

6. What is the nickname of the witch in Tam O’ Shanter?
A - Tam
B - Cutty Sark
C - Maggie

7. Which city had the nickname Auld Reekie?
A - Edinburgh
B - Glasgow
C - Perth

8.“Angel Has Fallen” was a Hollywood movie starring Scottish Actor - Gerard Butler, but which film came first?
A - Olympus has Fallen
B - Angel has Fallen
C - London has Fallen

9. Which Scottish town is the centre of a region, once known as the "Whisky Capital of the World" when it had some thirty or more distilleries, but which now has only three - Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle.
A - Campbeltown
B - Fort William
C - Dumfries

10. Which of these whisky distilleries is not on the Isle of Islay?
A - Bunnahabhain
B - Benromach
C - Ardbeg

11. Edradour, the smallest whisky distillery in Scotland, is in which town?
A - Craigellachie
B - Pitlochry
C - Tomintoul

12. What word is missing from the name of this single malt whisky from Speyside: "The _________ of Auchroisk"?
A - Connoisseur 
B - Singleton
C - Perfection

13. Which single malt whisky is made by the Sixteen Men of Tain?
A - Glenmorangie
B - Glenfiddich
C - Glen Grant

14. What is ground malt barley called?
A - Wort
B - Grist
C - Wheest

15. How many bottles of whisky are exported from Scotland every second?
A - 724
B - 150
C - 34


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