We have been super busy over the last few weeks, we have now launched three new products!

Two of our new products include our Whisky and Water Tartan. 

Whisky and Water Tartan Pocket Dropper

Have you ever wandered around a whisky festival or attended a tasting and wished you had one of our Whisky Water Droppers with you to add a couple of splashes to open up your dram?

Our best selling Pocket Whisky Water Dropper is now available in our new Whisky and Water Tartan pouches.

The glass is manufactured to resist a fall and the Whisky & Water Tartan wrap give added protection. The viewing window in this hugely tactile design allows you to see exactly how much you have left in the flask and the funnel provided helps with topping up.
We thought we would add to another one of our best sellers, the RAGPROPER Hip Flask. These flasks are perfect for the golf course, or weddings. Be the envy of all your whisky loving friends at your next day out.
Back by popular demand is the 6th edition of The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. This is the perfect Christmas calendar for any whisky lover, what better way to count down the days to Christmas than with a dram each night?
The calendar features a selection of single malts, blended malts, single grain and blended scotch whisky.

In addition the set features a whisky glass, a lapel pin plus a booklet telling you all about the bottlers and space for your tasting notes on each whisky.
We have more products coming over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials channels for more updates!