Pigs do Fly!

April 01, 2019

News just in, there was a commotion this morning at Stirling's Wallace Monument. Spotted flying over the monument, what was thought to be drones, was in fact, flying pigs.

Local firm Angels’ Share Glass, who make the greatest gin craze, Gin pigs, saw them literally flying off the shelf. Murron McDonald who lives near the iconic Monument said “I couldn't believe my eyes” people say “Pigs might fly” well this one certainly was! 

See video below taken by a concerned eye witness: 


Local police investigated and found that the pigs were not a risk and were simply off to new customers around the world.





Our Gin Pigs have been the talk of the town over the last year. We have had unprecedented success with our modern approach to a barroom tradition that was lost in the 19th century.

A few months ago our pig range expanded when we launched the Pink Gin Pig, initially for Harvey Nichols of London but she became so popular we had to release stock from our own website to cope with demand.

So, what is new for our Gin Pig range?

As we have said for many months... our pigs are so popular they are FLYING off the shelves, we are now literally making them fly, we really thought it was the next logical step, with their perfect wings perched on top of their plump bodies and their splayed superman style legs, they are more than ready to take flight. 



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