Despite the Coronavirus and lockdown putting a general halt to most people's plans for the last year. There are somethings however, that the lockdown cannot stop and that's love.
Many couples have been brought closer together over this past year, even though weddings are being postponed that doesn't mean you can't get engaged.
We have seen so many fun ways to propose, we had a gentleman use our quote baubles to ask his now wife to marry him a few years ago. We were honoured to be able to be included in such an important day, especially as we had never thought of this as a possibility for our baubles.
In lockdown people are getting creative with their proposals, from treasure hunts to a robot being used in Milton Keynes last week. What is the most creative proposal you have seen?
We have all our fingers crossed that weddings will be able to go ahead as planned for the majority of this year.
Everyone get your Quiachs ready!
Many couples have gone on with their weddings during lockdown, small intimate ceremonies, and throwing a party once possible.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to reminisce in these great stories and give you some Valentine's gift suggestions. We would love to hear your proposal story, whether it was during lockdown or not, give us all a reason to smile.
Whether they love whisky, gin, rum, vodka... we have something for everyone.