Lang May Yer Lum Reek

December 21, 2017

First footing is one of the most famous Scottish Hogmanay traditions. Traditionally friends and family head over to each other's homes just after midnight on New Year's Eve, usually with a bottle of whisky in hand ready to share a dram.

Bringing a gift for the householder is a must when you're first-footing. Popular gifts include coal, black bun (a traditional Hogmanay fruit cake topped with pastry) and - of course - whisky

Angels Nectar blended malt whisky

For an extra special gift, our beautiful handmade quaichs are the perfect way to "tak a cup o kindness" with loved ones and bring the New Year in with style.










Or show some warm Scottish hospitality by pouring your guests a dram from one of our handmade Glencairn glass decanters, finished with a whisky-coloured stopper in the shape of a pot still. Warm up chilly visitors with a delicious hot toddy. As a first-footing gift, why not bring some celestial luck, with a wee dram contained in a miniature Angel Decanter?

Decanter pot stillAngel mini decanter Miniature set

A 'first foot' is the first person to cross a house's threshold in the New Year, bringing all the luck for the next year. Tall dark-haired men bring the most luck, but blonds are definitely not welcome, a throwback to Viking times when tall fair-haired strangers were usually bad news. Red-haired men, doctors and ministers are a no-no as first-footers too. Good news for all those tall dark-haired men out there - the first foot can claim a kiss from all the women in the house.

So pour a dram to toast 2018 and make the most of one of our most enjoyable Scottish traditions!