During these difficult and uncertain times, we have made the decision for some of our employees to work from home. Ensuring a positive attitude and productive mindset is in place whilst working from home is very important.

It is important to have a dedicated workstation in your home when working, this helps to create a routine. Working from a to-do-list is also a great way to ensure you stay on top of your tasks and meet deadlines. Try your best to not get distracted by household chores, putting off work in turn for hoovering, dusting etc... can be tempting and it can also feel like work so it is important not to let yourself be sidetracked.

Other ways which help boost productivity are ensuring that your partner, housemate, family etc... are aware that you are working from home. This will prevent any unnecessary distractions and will keep disruptions to a minimum.

Wake up at your usual time, maintaining your routine is a great way to increase productivity. Sleeping later than usual may result in a lack of effort in both of term in appearances and work. Following your typical work schedule is important to boost productivity, taking appropriate breaks and eating lunch at the correct time is a great way to maintain your routine.

Remaining productive and positive throughout these difficult time is crucial, click here for some more tips on this.

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Promoting small businesses through this time is also important, larger companies can afford a hit - not all smaller businesses will survive this period. Just a reminder to support small businesses.