PART I - Here at Angels’ Share Glass we think Glassblowing and whisky production is similar in many ways, as they both involve a lot of chemistry and science. We thought we'd delve into the whole thinking behind making our own spirits glass.

Scientific glassblowing is widely recognised and respected. Scientific glassware can be found in many educational, governmental, and industrial laboratories. Medical, chemical, engineering and pharmaceutical laboratories use scientific glassware extensively, almost all areas of scientific research will use glass at some point. Angels’ Share Glass uses scientifically trained glassblowers as well as glass art glassblowers and combine to two very niche skill sets.

Did you know apart from our beautiful glass giftware designs we also produce distilling glassware for multiple distilleries, this includes Spirit Bowls - which are designed to allow the collection of spirit from the still which in turn measure its alcohol level/ABV. Our Hip flask Funnels come in two designs, one of which is designed to mimic these Spirit Bowls.

Here lies the connection between glassblowing and whisky production...

During the process of producing whisky, in the fermentation stage - where the alcohol is first created. To convert the sugar (wort) into alcohol, the fermentation process is necessary and therefore yeast has to be added. As yeast can’t stand hot temperatures the wort is cooled down to about 20°C before it is married with the yeast in wash-backs.

After fermentation, the first distillation takes place. This typically lasts around 6 hours, the alcohol and some of the water are separated from the solids and liquids of the wash. The result is called low wines, which are at an ABV of around 21-30%. During the second distillation, a more concentrated liquid is created as more water is removed. There is no chance of frothing either as there are no solids in the liquid.
To determine the ABV distillers use the glass hydrometer jars and spirit bowls to determine when to make the exact cut at the right stage of the distilling process.

Aside from the production of whisky and its journey from grain to glass is also a passion for our glassmakers.

When we decided to make our own drinking glass this is when things got interesting and so we set about trying to design and make a glass that represented our values and our skills.

So how do you make a Spirits Glass?.....  well tune in for PART II next week!