Hygge, the Danish practice of living cosily for improved wellbeing, is sweeping the globe. In Scotland we have our own version, coorying in and with the nights getting darker, we could all do with some extra comfort in our lives.

A simple twinkling candle is one of the most basic Hygge concepts and our Whisky Scented Candles are perfect for creating a warm, peaceful atmosphere.

We upcycle the many empty whisky bottles we use to produce our unique glass Whisky Angels each month, refashioning them into candles. The most attractive bottles are selected, cleaned and then specially split before being filled with whisky-scented pure soy wax to make gifts which look and smell amazing. The special fragrance used to scent the wax is created as carefully as Angels' Nectar Whisky, our Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.

The candles last for hours and make a lovely table centrepiece.

 We also handcraft attractive candle holders from the neck of vintage whisky bottles which sit on a wooden stave made from oak whisky barrels with tweed or tartan lining.

So why not light a couple of candles, pour yourself a dram and coory in for the cosy autumn evenings?