Each year, we produce a limited edition Whisky Angel. Such angels are filled with highly sought after and collectable whisky and, for our latest limited release, our Whisky Angel has been hand filled with Bowmore 10 Years The Devil’s Casks Batch I single malt whisky.

Folklore has it that the devil once visited the town of Bowmore on Islay and, looking for a place to stay, he made his way to Kilarrow Church - more commonly known today as The Round Church.

Without any corners to hide in, the devil was soon discovered by a group of locals and chased out. He escaped and made his way to the nearest distillery where he found a barrel to hide in. This barrel, which was destined for the mainland, is now known as The Devil’s Cask.

The first batch of The Devil’s Casks was released in 2013 and this 10 year old single malt from Islay’s Bowmore Distillery has been fully matured in first fill sherry casks. Bottled at 56.9%, this is a deliciously spicy and intense whisky.

This Whisky Angel's exclusive and unique design, featuring a stainless steel pitchfork and red coloured wings together with a black arrowhead tipped tail, has been inspired not only by the red-hot packaging of this highly sought after Islay Scotch Whisky but also its full-on, fiery flavours.

The Angels' Share Whisky Angel is a truly unique piece of hand blown glass. Each of the Bowmore Devil’s Casks whisky angels holds 25ml of this exceptional single malt; is individually numbered on the base; comes with a card of authentication and is presented in a luxurious red gift box.


Limited to just 24 angels and only available by pre-order, this Bowmore Devil’s Casks Whisky Angel would make the perfect gift for any whisky enthusiast.

For the first time, our limited edition Whisky Angel is refillable. Whereas previously, our sealed angels have locked in their whisky, guarding and cherishing it just for themselves; this year, our fallen angels have a little bit of the devil inside them. Featuring a cork top, which can be removed, they’ll attempt to tease you into tasting the truly remarkable single malt inside.

The question is: will you succumb to temptation?