Trade Secrets

No Scotsmen or Angels are injured in the process we use for capturing the Angels' Share...

This April sees the development of some very special limited editions with some very special whiskies inside.

These will be launched in May to coincide with Whisky Month and World Whisky Day Our first being a limited edition with Glenfarclas Distillery and Stirling Whisky Shop - a limited edition whisky made from cask 13 &14 of their 2007 malt. To celebrate the 700th Anniversary of the famous Battle of Bannockburn. There are only 700 bottles and we have 30 exclusive Angels made from bottle no.123 ( 123 Henderson Street being where our angels are made)

We also hope to be launching some special Angels containing The Macallan 1824 collection and a very very special Commonwealth 2014 Commemorative Deanston Distillery trilogy. 

Bannockburn Limited Edition Angel
These projects and some new top secret ones have proved quite a challenge testing some high strengths whiskies in our Angels can lead them to turn into little devils and they simply blow up - it's been a bit like an episode of  Breaking Bad in the Studio, things have been adapted and our processes tested to their limits.We are sure you will like our new collection of limited editions - each Angel having it's own unique twist to make it extra special and of course we will only be making these in small quantities so you will need to be quick..or drop us a line to pre-order.
These will be available exclusively from our Online Store -Spirit of Stirling Whisky Festival - Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre and each Distillery visitor centre associated with their own limited editions.

How do we do it?

Ahhh now come on you don't really think we'd tell you that!

Our glass making is called Lamp work. born from chemistry,lab glassmakers Tom & I design the glass using all the techniques used in making some of the most intricate lab glass.We use a torch on a bench and form our glass using glass rod and tubing. Skill then comes from our creativity and our hands. each piece we create unique authentic and 100% made in Scotland


Tricks of the Trade

  • did you know you can blow glass so fine that it breaks up and pops like the finest of soap bubbles?
  • did you know our molten angels can heat up to  2000 degrees whilst we try to seal the whisky in. but they keep their cool most of the time?
  • did you know our coloured lustres have natural percentage of gold and precious metals and gem elements in them to make them sparkle  ?
  • did you know all our decoration is hand applied?
  • did you know it took us over 9 months to perfect our Angel design?
  • did you know a sealed bottle of whisky is good for 100 years?
  • did you know there are over 5,000 types of single malt whiskies? that's a lot of limited edition Angels for us to make..
  • did you know Glass blowing apprenticeships are now again on the up in the UK?
  • did you know we also supply distilleries with  spirit bowls and whisky making glassware?
  • did you know our whisky glass droppers are also as genius as our Angels' Share? 

"Too much of anything is not good but too much whiskey is barely enough - Mark Twain"